Monday, December 17, 2012

Almost Christmas in Canada!

Found a bit of "St. George" in Nova Scotia!!

So this week was another steady-goin' week. 

I had a pretty cool experience with this guy named Mike. We were over teaching him a lesson, and when we were walking out the door, I felt prompted to tell him to read 2 Nephi 32. At that time, I had NO IDEA what was in that chapter...but I told him to read it anyway. I went and looked it up after the fact, and it talks all about receiving an answer that the Book of Mormon is true through the feelings of the Holy Ghost. Which was exactly what we were trying to help him understand at the time. So just a small example of the spirit working, and it's a pretty cool thing to see.

Clockwise:  Elder Hunt loves the Canadian Rugby ball he
received; found a cool looking Christmas display
at a part-member family's house; didn't win the
"UGLY SWEATER" contest; bought a unique gift for
his trainer, Elder Deems; and makes really good
breakfasts, like french toast with cinnamon syrup
and whipped cream!!
I've been doing a lot of cooking. Elder Davidson and I like to eat good, so I've been making a lot of things... Meatloaf, burritos, stir-fry, chicken, steak, etc. One day some oil was burning some smoke into the apartment though, and our fire-alarm went sounding off, and we had no idea how to turn it off for like 5 minutes...worst moment ever! Thankfully the firetruck didn't come or that's always a plus.

(Mom, there is plenty more things that happened this week...but i forgot my little paper that i write all of those things down on, so that I remember what to i will write the rest of those tomorrow morning to you!) sorry!!  (He knows his mother too well!!)

So for now, that's all I can remember...but i'll write more tomorrow! (:

Love you!
LOVE this face!!

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