Monday, December 10, 2012

Moose Meat in the Mission Field???

Good Morning!!

This week has been good. Tough because we haven't been able to see too much success, but we are working to build our teaching pool and have more people to find. (AND it's COLD!)

So I got a Canada rugby ball sent to me (Thanks, Kent!?!?).... safe to say I haven't slept a single night without it so far. Makes me feel at home (:  (Elder Hunt mentioned that he was going to be teaching his district how to play touch rugby on their pday.  I hope no one gets hurt!!!)   
(And they are obviously COLD...what with the blue faces and all!  Actually, Elder Davidson got carried away playing with some of his camera functions!!  I hope they get back to normal, SOON!)

We went over to Bill & Linda Thompson's house to have a lesson with them, and Bill cooked us up some 
fresh moose meat that his neighbor had just hunted. It was so good! There's no going back to normal meat after eating that. He also had these ice cubes that were made out of frozen wheat grass juice....yeah...those ones weren't so good. Smelled just like fresh cut grass.

Bruce and Sue Hampson with Elder Hunt...almost like
being there myself!!  *_*
 We had our Cole Harbour Ward Christmas party this weekend too. It was a huge success and really came together well as the entire ward put in the effort. Decorations were amazing, the food was fantastic, and the music was great. (other than the one that us Elder's did...) I accompanied the other elders on the piano as they sang Silent Night.

We're not terribly cold in our apartment!
But things are going good overall. 

It's weird actually BEING a missionary now and looking back/ remembering the times in your life when these were the days everyone talked about and that you thought about in the future...and now, I'm actually out here doing it. It's a pretty neat feeling.

Elder Davidson is getting into the work good. I hope I am training him well and that he learns at least one thing from me. He's legit though; we get along really well and have some fun times.

Hey Chap! Have YOU read the Book of Mormon?
Hey Senor!  Have you read the Book of Mormon?!?!

Pretty cool Maple Leaf!!

Let me get back to you on that question . . . 

Ohhhh, I get this one!!  But the hammer
in the background is a bit scary!  *_*

Love and miss you all!

Love Elder Hunt

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