Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas, Missionary Style!!

This is more of a recap of Christmas, missionary style, but it came today, hence the title!!

Christmas Eve in the mission field was an odd sensation...  Not doing any of the things you've always done before, and not being with your family is really different...but I've been having a great time nonetheless.  Christmas Eve was our prep day so Elder Davidson and I did some fun things like go to the mall, and then went to the church where we played music on the piano for the rest of the day. (I was able to write a new song that I really like.)     

Elder Davidson and I spent the night at Elder Sloan's and his companion's apartment in Dartmouth, and we opened presents there.  We had a conference call with President Leavitt and all the missionaries in our mission, so I was able to give a shout out to Elder Nzojibwami!  Then we had a brunch over at the Pinsent's house.  We had a lot of fun eating waffles, talking, playing music and singing.  In the afternoon we had dinner at the Kenny's home.  They made "Newfie Jigs" which is a traditional Newfoundland dinner of turkey, salted beef, potatoes, cabbage, vegggies, pea-pudding, and a few other things.  Then we had dinner-dinner at the Hatton's...another huge meal that was SO good!!

In the evening I got to Skype with my family!  It was so good to see everyone and be able to talk face-to-face.  The rest of the evening was spent with the Porter family.  Christmas in the field is very different, but I've loved it, and the members really made me feel at home.  (That makes THIS mom feel very happy!!)

On the 27th E. Davidson and I got to go to a temple session for someone from Bathurst who was receiving their endowment.  When I walked into the temple, lo and behold, there was Elder Nzojibwami standing in white!  I was so happy to see him!!   We had a great reunion and then had an awesome session!  Afterwards, President informed us that E. Nzojibwami would be staying with me for 2 days!!!  We had so much fun together with our companions.  That same day I was driving and hit some black ice.  We spun 360 degrees, but then I was able to straighten things out and we just kept driving.  Crazy experience!

It was great being able to spend the two days together and to get to teach together.  It was really sad to have to say goodbye, but maybe we'll get to catch up and teach together again!
We had a good district meeting where we discussed a big talent show we're putting on in March.  It's looking to be a huge community event and not just a church thing.  I also got to practice a musical number that I performed in church on Sunday.  Sister Bird accompanies me and does VERY well.  Her daughter was going to school at Tuacahn this last semester and is back now.  Turns out she knew Tino Smith really well...small world!!

Well, that's about all for now.  Thank you for everything you sent me for Christmas, and everything everyone else sent me as well!!  It was a great Christmas in the mission field!!

Love you all!

Elder Hunt

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