Monday, February 11, 2013

Blizzards, and then some!!


February 4th – On our p-day we got to clean the temple in Dartmouth.  It was such a neat experience, and one that not many missionaries get to have.  I was able to clean the Baptismal Font, both endowment rooms and I got to clean the Celestial room.  I even got to clean the massive chandelier in there.  While I was in there I had a long chat with the temple president about so many things in the temple, their meaning/symbolism.  My mind was blown with the many things I learned from him, and I now understand so much more.  After that I had the rare privilege of cleaning the mezzanine (attic) of the temple.  While I was up there I got to go up to the Angel Moroni.  Very few are allowed to ever do that in their lifetime.  I have now been in literally every inch of the Nova Scotia Temple.  It was a great day!

February 5th – Tuesday, we were walking up to Bishop’s house.  I was at his driveway when I slipped on some ice, feet flew out from under me, and I landed flat on my back.  I smashed my tailbone and my head pretty bad.  From hitting my head I was a little loopy for a while, but I’m all fine now.  I’m just glad I didn’t re-tear my knee or something.  We’ve had some interesting food…like mushroom pizza…but I ate it, and they never knew I didn’t like it. 
February 6th – Wednesday, we had a really good zone conference.  There was a strong emphasis through all of the different trainings on the urgency of missionary work, and really how we don’t have that long to do it.  This is the one time in our lives when we get to do this, and it’ll go by in a flash.  This work is so important and I see it more and more each day out here.  People, left and right, who simply don’t know what the Gospel is.  I’m sure I sometimes take for granted this call that I have to represent the Savior.  I am learning many lessons out here.  I’m learning more patience and long-suffering, and although I don’t like it, it is really helping me to become more like my dad, which is everything I want to be and achieve.
February 7th – Thursday, we had an adventure.  We had a referral for a gal name Teresa who lives all the way out in Meagher’s Grant, which is about an hour away.  So we headed out there with our mapbook but discovered our map doesn’t even cover that part of our area…and there are actually no maps recorded for that area at all…we were out of cell service range, so we couldn’t even call and tell her we were late and couldn’t find her.  As we were driving back to the city we say a really nasty semi-truck flip over…it was a pretty bad accident. 
We got to pick up a new office chair since mine broke last week.  It’s pretty sweet!
AND I got a BIG package from the Madsens!!  Woohoo!!!

February 8th – Friday, we had another interesting lesson with Tom W. After that we had to have our car fixed because of some problems with the oil.  We spent some time at the mission office while it was being taken care of.  I love our senior missionaries so much!  Elder and Sister Weibe are so outgoing and fantastic.  Elder and Sister Thatcher just got out to the mission field, and I love them especially since we do a lot of music stuff together.  And then there is Sister Calvert.  She is my absolute favorite person in the mission.  Her husband died about a year ago, and so she decided to come on a mission.  We’ve spend a lot of time together and really developed a strong/fun relationship.  She always comments on how many letters I get, and threatens to hide them to keep the “girls away from me…” (aka Erika). 
Elder Sutter and Elder Dubyk
I also got to go on exchanges with the Dartmouth elders…E. Sutter and E. Dubyk…trying to share as much as I can with them, to lift their spirits and get their area going…they have been feeling pretty discouraged.  So I’m learning much as well.

February 9th – Saturday, we had a pretty huge blizzard and conditions outside were horrible.  We got about 35 cm of snow in one day.  And it was a pretty rough day.  This evening we had dinner with Sister Vincent.  Turns out she was taught by my mom when she was on her mission here.  So Sister Vincent called my house right then and there and talked to my mom and then gave the phone to me for a couple of minutes.  It was great to hear her voice and was much needed for a rough day.
(I felt a little bad because Sis. Vincent said, “Here’s your son…it’s not against the rules because he didn’t call you. .. I did.”  And then Elder Hunt was saying, “Hello.”  He didn’t sound the greatest so I interpreted that as feeling awkward about the phone call.  We made it short and sweet…so I’m glad it gave him the little boost he needed!)
February 10th – Sunday, this morning we woke up to even MORE snow than the blizzard delivered on Saturday!  So we headed down to Rosewood, parked our car, and asked someone on the street for extra shovels.  Then we shoveled almost every house on the long street, and met a lot of great people.  One lady had her 15 month old baby in a stroller, so we took over for her real quick.  Then another lady offered us $20.  Of course, we didn’t take it, but we shared our message with her.  A girl came out to help us shovel.  Turns out it was the daughter of a former investigator, and when the former found out we had shoveled for her, she had her heart softened and we are going to meet with her again.  Then, another different lady pulled up to us in her car.  Turns out it was a referral we had, that saw us shoveling for everyone, so she went to Tim Hortons and bought us hot chocolate, then brought it out to us.  Such a great lady, and we’re having dinner with her tomorrow.  Then we ran out to the Hampson’s.  We shoveled their very long driveway, and got a good portion done before Bruce noticed and came out to help us.  It was a fun time, but lots and lots of snow.
Then had supper with the Kidd’s and then went out to do more shoveling.  I now have 5 blood blisters and a really sore back, but it was worth it.  The best part is, we’re supposed to get another storm, like this one, next weekend!!

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