Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Farewell poster from Cole Harbour
Dear Family,
On Saturday (Feb. 16th) we went and checked transfers.  I really wasn't expecting what I saw...I found out that I'm being transferred to Houlton, Maine!  I'll be serving with Elder Clark.  Don't know too much about him yet, so we'll see how it goes.  Elder Sloan and I were on exchanges on Saturday and we really love being together!  We met a lady who explained to us in great detail how she's using electric cigarettes to quit smoking.  Interesting.  And that evening we found a big poster on our car from a couple of the girls in the Cole Harbour ward saying good-bye since I'm getting transferred.  That was really nice of them!

Bruce & Sue Hampson - Valentine's Party at Cole Harbour Ward???

Elder Davidson & Elder Hunt

Elder Hunt, Elder Davidson, Amelia Bruce? and ???

 Now for more details of the week:

February 11th was p-day and me and my companion made a big pile of snow in our backyard, intending to make a snow cave.  But the snow was too soft, so we just carved in a few chairs and benches to chill on.  In the evening we had dinner at the Misners, who invited a friend (Heidi) who was the lady who brought us hot chocolate last week when we were shoveling snow.  She has two daughters named Lienna and Claire.  They are such sweet little girls!  We had a fantastic dinner and enjoyed a lot of great laughs...especially since giving Brother Misner the neckname of "Steva!"  We had a good lesson about the restoration of the authority of God and of His church.
Later in the evening we went to contact a referral, who wasn't home, but while we were walking back to our car, I looked at a house and felt really strongly that we should go there.  Well, I brushed it off and got in the car.  My scriptures happened to be flipped open (which never happens) to Deuteronomy 17:16 which reads "Ye shall henceforth return no more that way."  I "happened" to look at that verse right when I was thinking we should just finish our evening appts.  But when I read that, I thought and felt that we needed to return to that house.  So, I got out of the car, and told E. Davidson, "Let's go!"  He didn't understand why, but I knew.  We knocked on the door, and immediately were invited in.  It was an older couple and we sat and talked, getting to know them, and testified when it was right.  At one point their 14 year old granddaughter came out to join us.  It was an incredible night, and as we were leaving, the husband looked at us and said, "Ya know, I've got a really good feeling about you two..."
It feels so good to hear that -- as a missionary --and to know again that the Spirit works within people.

February 12th was a fantastic day!  We had a great lesson with a recent convert.  She told us again, how in tune with the spirit we were because it was exactly what she needed to hear.  She is a true convert, who accepts and fulfills callings, goes to the temple weekly, and I couldn't be more proud of her!
We had some fun knocking on doors, and had fun times with a guy who constantly said, "I don't believe in the Mormon!"
We also had a dinner with Elder and Sister Edwards.  They had "Touched By An Angel" on the tv, and it brought back so many memories from watching that show as a kid!
Afterwards we had a great experience!  Normally, we never stop by Mike's place before 7:45 because he always has his kids.  But as we drove, we felt prompted to go at 7:20...so we went.  Mike answered in a pretty rough condition...very low, so we went in and had a lesson.  We hadn't been able to meet with him for a few weeks, but during our time with him, and because of the things we discussed, he committed to be baptized on March 9th.  He really needs the Gospel in his life to help him handle all the stuff he is going through.  I'm overly-happy that he is deciding on this!  He's an amazing guy and I love him so much!

On Wednesday we had a lesson with the Thompsons and discussed forgiveness after watching a touching Mormon message about it.  I thought about Denz a lot and how I've had to forgive a lot of different people and things throughout this process, but I'm so grateful I have, because it allows me to progress even more, and ultimately grow closer to my Heavenly Father.

Valentine's Day in the mission field was odd because you see everyone else being lovey, but as missionaries we can't be.  I was, however, able to have a great start to my day, by opening packages from both my mom, and the Madsens.  My mom's had a poem that said: "Roses are red, violets are blue, It's Valentine's Day, but only chocolate kisses for you!!"  Good one, Mom...*_*  (That was actually a joint effort between D'melia and me!!)
I got so many great things from everyone, and of course, I especially loved the things Erika sent me!
And the rest of the day was good for the most part.  We came back from one lesson to find our car had been backed into...some dents, and the front left headlight was smashed...
We also had another lesson with the older couple (the Nobles) and their 14 year old granddaughter.  She is now a new investigator and wants to be baptized and come to church.  We are excited to teach her more, and help her understand and learn the gospel.  The Lord has truly been pouring out blessings upon us this week!
February 15 was my SIX MONTH MARK!!  so as is missionary tradition (it is???) we burned a tie.  That was in the evening when I was on exchanges with Elder Sloan.  (We always have such a good time together!)  Earlier in the day E. Davidson and I went to contact a referral out in Lake Echo.  We knocked on the door and they invited us in for dinner...first time that's ever happened!!  We talked a lot about the church over dinner, and then they showed us their music studio.  I was in Heaven!!  We have a return appointment, but I won't get to go since I'll be in Maine...
On Sunday (Feb. 17) I had to say goodbye to a lot of people that I'll really miss since it was my last Sunday in the Cole Harbour ward.  We had my "last" dinner with the Kearleys and it was really cool to hear Bro. Kearley offer such a beautiful prayer!
It will be an interesting week ahead, saying good-bye to everyone I've grown to love so much.  But it's all worth it because the Lord knows where I need to be and who I need to be there for.  So, I'm really looking forward to Maine!

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