Monday, February 4, 2013

"The Piano Elders". . . making a name in Nova Scotia!

Hi Family!!
Last Monday (the 28th) we went to Peggy’s Cove for P-day.  President Leavitt asked me to drive the transfer van with all the other elders and it was a beautiful day!  Since it’s winter, the water coming over the rocks was frozen and they looked like icebergs.  There was hardly anyone else there since it was freezing, so that was nice.  Then we drove back, and we had dinner at the Pinsents.  Such a big, loud, fun family.  Later we went to the Bruce’s, and Amelia Bruce and I put together a song we’ll be singing in Sacrament meeting in a couple of weeks.  We also worked on two different songs we’ll be performing in Charlotttetown, Prince Edward Island this weekend for the fireside.  Lots of fun!

On Tuesday we had a great district meeting.  I got to lead a discussion on humility, which is probably my favorite Gospel concept, and I learned a lot for preparing for that.  After our district meeting we went out to the Podeszwa’s to help move a bunch of wood.  I had a great chat with the lady across the street while we were moving the wood.
We were covered in wet muddy dirt and bark from our work, and we had to go straight to the mission office like that to take care of some stuff.  So, we walked in, with our hoodies on and asked, “Is this the liquor store?”  SO funny as they didn’t recognize us at first because of the dirt and hoodies.  Good times!
We had a good evening of contacting.  My companion doesn’t feel as confident as he’d like to be, so I’m trying to be the best mentor I can be, and help him understand how to do these things.  I think by my being a “people person” it just comes naturally to me, so I never really have to think about it.  But I guess not everyone is the same way.

Then on Wednesday (30th) we went and picked up Elder Jaden Jensen from the mission home.  He and his companion are down from New Glasgow because his companion is really sick and has to be sent home because of it.  So E. Jensen spent today with us.  He’s a great Elder and we get along really well.  We had lunch at the Podeswa’s, and then had breakfast for dinner at the Nelsons.  We had a lot of good times in between as well!  A couple of lessons fell through today, but we’re just trying to keep a positive attitude no matter what.  I know I’m not perfect, but I sure can try!

Thursday (31st)  we picked up Elder Jensen again, since he was still in the area.  We had a lesson out with R. MacDonald and it was a complete turnaround from last time we met with him.  He was talking about wanting forgiveness and not wanting to give into temptations anymore.  So it was great, and hopefully we see him at church on Sunday.  After that we did a “surprise visit” to the Hampsons.  They made us lunch and we had a good chat.  (Oh, this makes me HAPPY!!  When I hear Elder Hunt has been visiting with Sue and Bruce Hampson, it’s ALMOST like we’ve had a visit with him!!)  On our way back we stopped at Lawrencetown Beach.  The weather was crazy … wind getting up to about 100k’s per hour, and we were getting blown all over the place!  Then we had dinner with the Stewarts.   I’ve been feeling a lot better this week.  It’s interesting that I don’t find a lot of things amusing when other missionaries or members often do.  Maybe I’m maturing or something, but stupid little things are just stupid now.  I’m the same old Dal I’ve always been, but I’m seeing a lot more now and learning from it.

Friday morning was the first of February, so I made some Navajo fry bread for breakfast.  We ate them with honey butter, and they were delicious!  What a great start for the day.  Our planning time quickly turned into a “long apartment cleaning session,” so now our place is nice and clean.  This evening we met the Bridgewater Elders at the mission home, and they followed us back to our apartment.  They are staying at our place tonight because Elder Woodward and I are traveling to PEI on Sunday for the musical fireside, so we are all together for the next couple of days.  Elder Steed and Elder Woodward are great, and we all get along really well.  Hopefully they’ll be able to help us pick up our area with some new investigators.  I’m feeling pretty good again today.  It’s been fun playing my violin with Elder Woodward playing the cello.  He played with the BYU Symphony, so we’ve had some really cool duets and making music.  I wish I could just serve a purely musical mission.  How awesome would that be???  Maybe someday with my wife!

On Saturday we had a really great morning study session.  It’s been really tough to help E. Davidson get into role plays and take them seriously, but today he finally began to understand.  For lunch we had our entire district and Bridgewater go to Ms Vanelli’s for our favorite pizza again.  It’s great to see everyone in the mall turn their heads when we’re in there.  Then E. Woodward and I went to the mission home to practice our quartet musical number for Sunday.  The mission was having a Seniors Conference, so they were all there and got to listen.  Elder Call (the head of the Music Department at BYU-Idaho) is letting me use his amazing violin, and it’s got an incredible sound!  The quartet came together very nicely, and should turn out great for the fireside.  Tonight we had a really good lesson with Stephanie, too.  She’s been having a rough time, but she will finally be at church tomorrow, and I couldn’t be happier! 

Sunday came around with a snowstorm that almost shut down our travel to PEI for the fireside.  We decided to make the trip anyway, but Amelia Bruce couldn’t go due to the weather.  We went up with the assistants, E. Nielson and E. Unger, and arrived about 7:05 p.m.  The fireside started at 7:00, so we arrived, walked in and performed right on the spot.  Elder Call and I played a violin duet, and we also did the string quartet.  People around the Maritimes are beginning to call us “The Piano Elders,” kind of a take-off of “The Piano Guys” that are so popular.  I guess we’re kind making a name for ourselves with the people here!

After we ate some food, I got to see Elder Layton (from our MTC days) who was at the fireside, and then we were set to drive all the way back to Dartmouth.  It’s about a 4-hour drive, so I was writing in my journal at 2:30 a.m.!!  Haven’t missed a day yet!  Overall, things have been really good!

I sure love you all.  Don't forget to write!  I love hearing from you.

Elder Hunt

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