Thursday, May 23, 2013

BEAUTIFUL Houlton...and Beyond!

Dear Family,

Sure had some good, fun, and interesting experiences this week!  Last Monday we were teaching a lesson on tithing and fast offerings.  The first half was really good and the spirit could be felt really strong.  But the second half wasn't so good.  I won't say a whole lot, but when the spirit leaves because of different things, it's impossible to teach and have the spirit felt.  I didn't like it at all, and it made for a "different"  evening all the way around.  It really made me even more aware of how important it is to keep the spirit with us at all times.  There is a HUGE difference when the spirit is there.

A different interesting experience:  I went on splits with Evan Carter and we visited the Anderson's.  Earlier in the day I had the feeling that I should look at my white handbook and make sure I knew how to give a blessing, no matter what type it was.  So I did, thinking nothing of it.  Well, at Anderson's, she asked for a blessing...and I was the only Melchizedek priesthood holder there.  I've given plenty of blessings before, but it's been awhile.  Had I not been prompted to read how again, I wouldn't have remembered all the steps to take.  The blessing went well, and was an emotional experience for all of us.

Also this week, Ben and Molly found out they can get married and are working on a date.  Molly is doing a lot of reading in the Book of Mormon and is loving it.  So many blessings are falling into place for her and it makes me so happy for her!

On a musical note...(ha!)...President Leavitt called and asked me if I knew how to play Bumble Boogie or Flight of the Bumble Bee on the piano.  I told him I knew Bumble Boogie, and was learning Flight of the Bumble Bee since I've been in the mission field.  He said he'd like to hear me play it.  (Side note to Mom:  since I started really working on Bumble Boogie, my right elbow has started to really hurt.  It's probably the same thing you had happen to yours!  Now I understand that pain!)

Elder Clark and I drove up to Caribou, Maine on Saturday for the concert.  I rehearsed with Elder Call and the string quartet.  Later during the rehearsal, I went into a room with President Leavitt, who wanted to hear Bumble-Boogie.  He was excited about putting it into the concert program!

I was really happy with the way the performances went that night and I received many compliments.  We were planning on staying over and performing at the fireside, but President Leavitt felt like we needed to be in Houlton for church the next day.  That was a big let down for me, BUT it was fun meeting Logan Patterson there!  He's on the BYU hockey team and we talked for a good while because we know a lot of the same people.  He lives out here and is back home visiting for the summer.

Church in Houlton was really good, and the focus was all about temples.  After church there was a linger-longer with a bunch of food and it was a good time.  We had another lesson with Ben and Molly that was really good, and we had another lesson with Storm'e.  Earlier in the week we went to her grandparents'  house for a lesson.  They used to be pretty anti-Mormon, but since Storm'e's baptism, they are seeing the changes in her life and are warming up to us.  Storm'e is doing great since her baptism and I am so happy for her.

I love seeing the gospel changing people's lives and making them happier than they ever thought they could be.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is INCREDIBLE!

Elder Hunt

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