Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Surprise Transfer for My Companion (Elder Clark)!!

Dear Family,

So, Saturday night we got a phone call from President Leavitt... informing us that Elder Clark would be transferred to Greenwood, Nova Scotia in THREE DAYS!!  Talk about short notice!!  

We were both caught super off-guard.  Elder Clark is especially sad because of all the upcoming events...

About the rest of the week...

Thursday we had Christian's baptism so we made sure to get to the chapel early. . .  EIGHT hours early . . . to have enough time to fill up the font!  This also gave us time to write out talks, clean the building, and I was able to practice a bit on the piano.

There were a few funny things that everyone showing up at 6:00, except for the Branch President...who thought it started at 6:30; and the actual baptism having to be redone a couple of times due to errors and a foot coming out of the water...But it got done!!
While we waited for Christian, Sister Addie Carter and I sang "How Great Thou Art" a cappella.  She sang melody and I did the tenor part.  It wasn't too shabby for us throwing it together right on the spot!

When Christian re-entered the room after changing into dry clothes after his baptism, he said:  "There IS a new me!"  It was the best thing to hear, and I love Christian!  Janice and Molly (two of our investigators) were there and both loved the spirit they felt there.

On Friday I received a text from Janice asking if I would baptize her!  Elder Clark and I were SO happy.  Our lessons with Janice have been great, but she hadn't been willing to commit to a baptism date...until now! She said she wanted "the cowboy" to do the baptism to make sure she didn't get stuck in the water.  (Some people out here refer to me as "the cowboy" because I'm from the west...and we have horses.  Makes sense!)

In the evening we taught Molly and Ben again.  We were able to get dates finalized...there's a baby shower for Molly on the 8th, the wedding for Molly and Ben is on June 15th, and Molly's baptism is set for June 22nd, and will be done in the lake, just off the dock behind the Peters' home!

Poor Elder Clark is going to miss out!!

Sunday was a great day at Church. The sacrament was an especially good experience.  I'm constantly learning more about myself and others and how the Atonement has true enabling power.

I love being a part of the Lord's work and feel very blessed to be able to share the restored gospel with the people here!!  The church is TRUE!!

Elder Hunt

(We've had some "normal" flooding out here the past week or so.  The place we stood
 on some rocks a couple of weeks ago is now a roaring flood

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