Sunday, May 5, 2013

Elder Hunt via The Mothership. . .

Elder Hunt's mother here. . . doing a brief recap of his week; that will just have to suffice for this week.  
Last Monday was the one year anniversary of Elder Hunt's oldest brother's death.  It was a difficult time, in one way or another, for each of us.  I didn't even get to ready Elder Hunt's letters until YESTERDAY!!  So, I'm just going to share a little of what he said.

Elder Hunt and Elder Clark have some very good investigators and the missionary work is moving along really well.  They have FOUR baptisms scheduled for May.  They had a great Zone Conference with Elder Walker from the Quorum of the Seventy, and he learned some very important things.  Elder Hunt loves the people in his area (even loved getting to do "service" for one man as he and his companion got to use sledge hammers in demolition work for an hour...said it was a blast!!)

I'm sure there are the not-so-good times, but Elder Hunt manages to keep a good attitude, and people seem to respond well to him and Elder Clark.

Here is what he had to say about last Sunday:

Today we had a good day at church.  I was able to begin playing the piano and just doing prelude that I made up with chord progressions to hymns.  Everyone seemed to settle into the chapel extra early and there was just pure silence as people listened to me play.  It was a pretty cool experience and the spirit was strong.  Sacrament meeting was good too.  The focus was all on families, which was "conveniently" time for this week, where it's close to Denzel's one year mark.  At the end we sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" and I almost lost it in the middle...

...It's going to be a crazy, cool month with our baptisms.  Hopefully I don't get transferred!  The rest of the day consisted of practicing the violin (after meetings and other stuff he talked about), so I can be ready for the coming weekend.  I was really missing my family and Erika today...but, life goes on.  "A positive attitude is the nail that seals the coffin of pessimism!"

And with that said, I'll try to remember to be POSITIVE!!  Thank you for the sound advice, Elder Hunt!!

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