Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Storm'e Gets Baptized!!

Dear Family,

I have been so amazed at how strong our investigators are!  It seems when they get close to being baptized that the adversary works really hard to stop them.  This happened with Storm'e, too!  For some reason her mom/family suddenly were very against her being baptized, but Storm'e remained so strong in her testimony and her decision to be baptized. (I can't imagine how I would be if I were in those circumstances!)  She's a great example to me and to everyone around her!

On the day of her baptism (Tuesday, May 7th), we went up to the Island Falls church at around noon to begin filling up the font.  That font takes HOURS to fill up, so we were there all day.  The building was full of thousands of dead flies AGAIN, so we spent our time vacuuming, scrubbing, dusting and cleaning the whole building.  We finally got everything done and ready, and then we checked the font...I was caught really off guard, because the font had only about 2 feet of water in it!  So, with President Carter there, and only an hour until the baptism, we brought the hoses in from outside to try and help fill the font, but that didn't work either.

Everyone arrived for the baptism and the meeting started.  I performed the baptism.  When I was getting into my baptism clothes, I prayed that there would be enough water and that I'd be able to baptize Storm'e smoothly on the first try.  We walked into the water and it really wasn't very high at all.  AND it was freezing!  So, I said the baptism prayer, and then told her to plug her nose, and then I baptized her.  I swept her feet out from under her as well, because without that her legs would've been above the water.  I pushed her down and somehow managed to get all of her under the water on the first try.  Then, after we cleaned up the rest of the meeting went great!

I gave a talk about the Holy Ghost, and Elder Clark and I sang a duet of "Jesus Savior, Pilot Me."  After the meeting was over we had a bunch of refreshments and were able to meet all the people that came.  It was incredible that about 50 people were there.  That's huge for out here and the small chapel was overflowing with people.  Half of them were non-members from Storm'e's family.  They seem to be opening up now that we've had a chance to meet and talk with them.

One of Storm'e's friends was speeding to get to the baptism on time and got pulled over by a cop.  She told him she was going to a baptism, and the cop let her go.  I quickly pointed out to this friend what great blessings come from attending a baptism for the true church!

We were the first ones there at the church, and the last ones to leave when it was all over.  Wouldn't have it any other way!!

Later in the week we went out to Peters to teach Molly and Ben.  We had to wait a bit for Molly to arrive, so I went out on the dock, with my violin that I had with me, and began to play.  It was incredible, with the sun beginning to set, the peace of the lake, and you could hear my music echoing across the lake.  It was so nice and relaxing!    Better than that was when Molly set her baptism date for June 15th after our meeting with her!!

Houlton, Maine will always hold a special place in my heart!!

Elder Hunt

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