Monday, June 3, 2013

Deep-fried June Bugs and Thunderstorms Galore!!

Dear Family,

Last Monday was Memorial Day.  It was the day that I tried my first "deep-fried June Beatles."  They weren't too bad at all...just tasted a bit like burnt popcorn.  The only kind of weird thing was feeling the texture of the legs in my mouth.  But in the evening we had a delicious dinner of smoked/BBQ chicken and had brownie sundaes (my ultimate favorite!) for dessert!  We spent the rest of the evening getting Elder Clark packed and cleaning our apartment.

On Tuesday, we had our district meeting in Preque Isle.  We had lunch together and took pictures before saying farewell to Elder Clark.

My new companion arrived on Wednesday. His name is Elder Edmond and is a great Elder.  He did a lot of cross-fit training before coming out and we both like to eat healthy, so that's a plus!  We had a great lesson with Janice and she is ready for her baptism.  There was a point where she had read some anti- stuff, but everything is really good!  In the evening we did a bit of knocking on doors while the weather turned back to raining really hard.  We got drenched and still no one invited us in.

Thursday was great!  I got to practice the violin a bit in preparation for playing at Janice's baptism.  Had a good lesson with Janice, then did some work with Bro. Lee on writing up a newspaper article on the missionary work we're doing.  We had dinner at President Carter's house then went with him to a lesson with Molly and Ben.  The spirit could be felt so strongly.  It was amazing!

On Friday we had a really good lesson with Janice in the park.  We read through the whole Joseph Smith History which she loved.  And it was a great experience to see things "click" in her mind.
After a lesson with Evan and Kim, they took us to Houton Dairy Farms which is the most popular ice cream place in Maine.  While we were in line outside, a huge thunderstorm gathered and dumped on us.  Lightning was striking all around, too!!  Pretty intense!

Saturday was brutally hot!!  AND with 100% humidity!  I was sticking to EVERYTHING!  I felt like I was serving in the Amazon or something!  After we went and bought some big fans for our UN-air conditioned apartment, we had dinner with the Marshall's shortly before Janice's baptism.  Luckily, we held the baptism in Woodstock, where the font fills up in 40 minutes rather than 9 hours!  And the baptism went great!

Janice F. was so prepared and ready to be baptized.  Even though it took 3 tries (a hand came up, then part of her dress...), she DID get baptized by IMMERSION!  After changing, I performed "If You Could Hie To Kolob" on the violin.  It was a great arrangement, with no accompaniment.  The spirit was very strong throughout the baptism and I felt so much joy and happiness for Janice.

On Sunday I was able to confirm Janice a member of the church, and give her the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  What a great experience that was.  It was one of those special times, where, as I spoke the words, I could physically feel it being given to Janice.  I was able to bear my testimony, and I also got to lead he music in church, too.

After Church we went out to the Peters.  A freak thunderstorm came out of nowhere, and Storm'e and Annie got caught in it out on the lake.  Thankfully, a nice gentleman picked them up in his motor boat and brought them home.  Ben, Molly and I had a really good talk together about some important things, and how even little things make such a big difference.  They are doing SO great!

As Elder Edmond and I were driving home ANOTHER storm (even BIGGER!) hit and we had to stop driving for awhile because it was so bad!  When it calmed down we drove home.  En route we saw a lot of trees destroyed and even one that took out some telephone poles and wires, dropping them onto the road.  Some pretty eventful stuff!  And I'm loving it!  Drenched in 3 Seconds!!  (click "Drenched in 3 Seconds" to see video!)

Elder Hunt

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