Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Dear Family,
There sure are some unique things you see on a mission!!
Gotta love the mail system in Maine!!
King of the Brownie Mix!!
Early birthday dessert, is Mom's guess!!  Right, Erika?!?!

Sooo, here are some details about my week:

District Leader responsibilities definitely take more time and effort, but I'm learning lots.  There are a LOT of bugs out!!  I've got SO many bites, over 30 of's looks like I've got chicken pox!!  Gotta love the Maritimes!

We've had some great days of contacting and teaching.  We have some new investigators lined up and I'm excited about the opportunities we have coming our way.

On Tuesday night there was a fiesta party for all of the graduates.  There was tons of good Mexican food, which was incredible to have since there isn't a single Mexican place to eat at up here.  On Wednesday we travelled to Weston (approx. 35 miles), to teach Mike.  While we were there two older guys came to fish in his pond.  One guy caught four trout in TEN MINUTES!!  Each was 14-18 inches long.  Pretty good fishing!  They were both Vietnam vets and their language wasn't the best, but Elder Edmond and I couldn't stop laughing because they reminded us of the two grandpas on "Secondhand Lions."

One of our new investigators is TJ.  He's 16 and a really great guy.  He's really into motorcycles and has 3 really nice ones.  We taught him the Restoration and he was very intent.  He just sprained his wrist, so he can't work as a waiter right now.  Because of that, he's able to come to church.  I don't think that's any coincidence!!

We had a great visit with Janice at her house for the first time.  Her mom let us come over and we all had dinner together, then we had a lesson with Janice about service.  She is doing so well, and makes a great member of the church!

On Saturday we drove to Fredericton for our zone training.  I gave the doctrinal discussion on the power and authority of our calling as missionaries, and it went really well.  I also gave Elders Dupin, Tusa, Corbett and Urick their "presents" I had bought for them earlier in the week.  They loved them and it made me feel good to brighten their day so randomly.   Also at the training, we did role-plays with "practice investigators" from the ward...that is everyone except me.  I got to teach the REAL investigator the law of chastity.  The elders who have been teaching her asked me to meet with her and teach that discussion.  I could tell they were apprehensive.  So, I taught it to her, and it went more smoothly than any Law of Chastity lesson has ever gone for me.  That was her one concern, and now it's resolved.  She's getting baptized on July 13th, so that was really cool!

Mom sent me a copy of the stress management booklet.  It was a great reminder for me, and Elder Edmond really liked it, too.

Last, but not least, was Sunday.  I got to give a talk in church...whittled my 15 minute talk down to 5 minutes when Pres. Carter flashed me the "only speak for 5 minutes" sign.  Like I've said before, you learn how to do all kinds of things on a mission!!  I'll send a copy of the whole talk to mom.  Maybe she can put it on the blog, or email it.

And I really loved the worldwide broadcast on missionary work held Sunday night.  The spirit was incredibly strong throughout the meeting.  I'm so grateful to be led by a living prophet, and apostles of God.  Throughout the meeting I saw a few people I know.  It was especially cool to see Elder Henry Walton (I swam with him on SCHS's swim team) in the missionary choir.  I'm am SO happy to know he is out serving the Lord.

It's great being a missionary!!

Elder Hunt


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