Monday, June 17, 2013


Dear Family,

Last Monday I got a phone call from one of the APs.  He informed me that I would be the new District Leader for the Presque Isle district.  I'm staying in Houlton with Elder Edmond, but now have many more responsibilities.  It feels a bit overwhelming, and there is a LOT to do, but it will just keep me working harder.

My first district meeting as DL was on Tuesday, and everything went great.

On Wednesday we contacted a lot of referrals, one of which ran a day care.  While we were there one of the little girls took a liking to me.  Hannah is 3 years old, and is the cutest little girl!  She ran up to me and gave me a huge hug, like she knew me.  Then she wanted to know everything about me, and to play together.  So we did for a bit, and she insisted on taking one of my cards home to her mom.  She also had some stickers, so I asked if I could have one so I'd remember her forever.  She gave me one and made me promise to give her one of mine the next time we see each other.  As we left she ran and gave me the cutest, longest hug, then gave me a kiss on the cheek.  It was very sweet!

On Thursday we drove all the way down to Weston, Maine to contact a referral.  It's out in the middle of nowhere, but on our way we stopped at the "Million Dollar View" and it was a pretty cool sight to see.  We met Mike, our referral, and he lives all alone, in the middle of nowhere.  Because of the circumstances of some of the stuff he has been through it seems like he is really ready to hear about the gospel, and without much distraction, he has plenty of time to read the Book of Mormon!

After that visit, we got a phone call from Donald, a man we met in the store on Wednesday.  He is a French cuisine chef and his house is basically the dream home...lots of land, a beautiful view, wrap-around's perfect!!  He has started to play the violin so that was fun to play and show him some things.  I'm so grateful my mom made me learn how to play "Oh Danny Boy" because Donald asked that very first thing when he heard I played the violin; and I was able to play it on the spot from memory.  He just loved it.  The I played some songs on his beautiful piano as well.

Donald gave us a cooking lesson, and taught us how to make some really delicious meatballs & spaghetti; he also made some French bread that was the most delicious bread I've ever had (except for Mom's homemade bread, of course!)  (Elder Hunt is a VERY smart boy!!)  He said he's not interested in our church, but loves what we do for people.  Well, we'll see...  Donald also showed us some pictures his father took "back in the day" when he was a photographer at Yale.   They included Babe Ruth, JFK, Marilyn Monroe's husband, and George Bush Senior.  Pretty cool stuff!!

We had a meeting with Janice and it was a great lesson.  It was good to talk about the mistakes we make, and how as we repent and take the sacrament each week, it's like being baptized again as we renew our covenants.  I think it helped her a lot.  After that we went to the Carter's to practice a musical number that I arranged of "O My Father" for a funeral we were going to play at.

That evening when we were out contacting, we ran into a large group of kids our age that were just heading out to the woods to go 4-wheeling, dirt biking, camping, etc.  It made me miss those things, but I love being out here MORE than I love those things.

My new responsibilities as DL are a lot but things are going well.  I love my elders and I run a tight ship...clearly, because they all call me "Captain Hunt."  We have a tradition out here in Houlton of Friday night Date Night.  Everyone goes to two places on Friday night.  First, the movie theater, and then Houlton Farms Dairy, a really good ice cream place.  Since we can't go to movies, we go to the dairy every Friday night.  It's a really popular place.  When we went in there were about 30 people there.  So, when it came time for me to place my order, and the gal asked me what I'd like, I turned around and looked at all the people there and asked/yelled, "What kind should I get guys?!?!"  Well, I got a favorable response from everyone, and chose of the the 20-ish flavors they shouted back.  It sparked a really fun, good discussion among everyone there, where there hadn't been much talking before.  So I was happy to brighten their night and bring a little fun to the place. Elder Edmond probably thinks I'm crazy because he is very shy; I guess, clearly, I'm not!

Saturday was the funeral and it went really well.  The lady who died was a non-member, but her sister is a member.  The musical number went really well and I received several compliments.  The funeral was somewhat tough to get through for me.  It was the first funeral I've been to since Denzel died, and so many emotions flooded back into me.  My knee hurt quite a bit during the funeral and after, but I got through it.

My knee has definitely been improving with overall pain and surrounding pains.  But there is still the main part that gives shooting pain when I walk on it.  The overtime, it all gets achey. Oh well.

On Sunday President Carter gave a talk about being temple recommend worthy.  It was good and I think it's what many of the people in the branch needed to hear.  There's never any benefit to putting off temple worthiness.  It only brings you further and further every day from that happiness we're all so earnestly looking for.

So things overall are going well.  I'm glad you're all praying for my knee.  It helps!!  I love being a missionary and serving the Lord.  There isn't anyplace I would rather be right now at this time in my life.

Elder "Captain" Hunt

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