Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Dear Family,
First of all, I loved the stuff you sent for my one-year mark.  It was great!!
Well, here goes another week:
Monday we spent most of the day cleaning our apartment because President Leavitt was coming for interviews.  I mean we REALLY cleaned it…got to keep up my reputation, you know!  But when President Leavitt came on Wednesday, he forgot his passport, so we ended up driving over to Woodstock (New Brunswick) and met with him there.  Oh well, we still enjoyed our ultra clean apartment!
And, there was a really cool thing that happened in conjunction with this little change of our plans.  While we were at the small Woodstock church that isn’t really used for anything, the church phone rang.  I answered it.  A lady was calling, wanting to learn more about the church and information about attending.  I don’t think it’s any coincidence that we “happened” to be at the church at that exact time.
During the week we talked to the “big porch of people” again.  They really getting to like us there.  They come running when they see us walk by, and they gave us seven referrals!!  They are pretty fun to work with.
During our district meeting this week (in Caribou), I gave a doctrinal discussion all about the Medicine Wheel, and we all did it as a district.  It provided some really great insights for each of our companionships, and ourselves.

After district meeting I did some splits with E. Gibbs in Presque Isle.  We rode our bikes which kind of pestered my knee a bit.  Then I got a flat tire.  Then it started to downpour for the next 3 hours while we were out contacting…and I didn’t have a jacket or anything because I had left it in Houlton.  Well, I’ll just say I got more wet than I have ever been in my life!  I was soaked all the way through my garments!!  Elder Gibbs couldn’t understand why I was smiling so much in spite of everything going on.  I really wanted to provide a POSITIVE outlook, because that’s what I’ve really been trying to get across to my district…that a positive attitude can change any situation.  So, we enjoyed the rain and everything that happened and just had fun with it!

 So Thursday was my one year mark.  The box that came from home had some new white shirts, snackage, pens, a pink “zipper tie,” a big thing of silly putty, and a Canadian flag!  I also got a card from Erika.  It was great to get some things and know that people remembered.  I also got calls from Elder Deem, Elder Evanson, and a text from Assistant Nzojibwami!! 
It’s kind of hard to describe how I feel.  It feels like I’ve been away from home for years because of how much I’ve experienced and learned.  But it also feels like I just came out yesterday because of how much I still have to learn.  It’s quite an odd sensation.  But it does feel a little different now that my time is counting down, instead of up.  My time as a missionary is very limited and I’m so grateful I get to serve a mission.  I’ve seen some of the Lord’s great success throughout my first year, and know that is only gets better and better each and every day.  It’s a great day to be a missionary!
We had dinner with Phil Henderson this week, and he had broken his knee so I definitely had some sympathy pains for him.  I often think about my knee.  It’s frustrating sometimes as I wonder if I’ll ever play rugby competitively again.  But I remind myself what Heavenly Father gave me through that trial…one last night with my brother and hero, Denz.  I wouldn’t trade that for anything in this world.  I get emotional, even just writing about it, so I better stop!  I guess I’m just saying there’s lots of different feelings about a lot of things.

On Saturday we helped a less active lady move out of her apartment.  It was a mess but we got it done.  She couldn’t take more than a couple of suitcases with her, so most of it was taken to the dump.  But what made me feel really badly was that about halfway through everything, her son walked in.  I guess he had been living away from home (kinda run away), and had come back…jus to find his mom leaving.  He was left to stay at a homeless shelter until he can get a job.  I doubt he’s more than 17.  I felt so bad, and it made me so grateful for a loving family who cares about me, and watches out for me.  I love you all so much.  There’s nothing quite like a mission to remind you how much your family means to you!!

Yesterday (Sunday) we received a text from the assistants telling us to check our email for transfer letters.  Turns out my companion is being sent to Newfoundland, and I’m going to be companions with Elder Skinner, a French speaking Elder who was trained by Elder Nzojibwami!!  I have been around Elder Skinner before and I love him to death!!  We’re gonna have a blast together!  I’m excited for that, but also sad to see Elde Edmond leave.  I’m so glad I got to do his birthday breakfast and treasure for him last week!!
Well, that better be all for now.  I sure love you all SO much!!  I love getting the pictures of stuff going on back home…and of the nieces and nephews…they are growing so much.  They’re not going to know me by the time I get home!!  I love hearing from you when you send letters and emails.  Thank you so much!!

Elder Hunt

P.S.  Did I mention we get a LOT of rain here?!?!  Ha!!  I can't remember a single Friday that it didn't rain!!  Gotta love our Fridays in Houlton and going to the Houlton Farms Dairy for hot fudge sundaes!
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