Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Missionary Mobile!!

Dear Family,

Here's a rundown of this past week:

 It seems like it rains ALL the time out here!  But we get things done!  And we've had some good days of contacting people.  Our kilometers for using the car have been cut way back, so we're walking about 4 times more than we were before.  And I have been feeling it in my knee.  I thought it had been doing better, but it sure didn't feel too hot.  Who knows, maybe these changes are God's way of helping me to strengthen my knee.  (Maybe President Leavitt cut the miles back because they were seen sitting in this "Missionary Mobile!")

On Monday, I got to set up the new recording equipment that Bruce and Sue gave me.  I set it up at the chapel, and played for a couple of hours.  I was amazed at the quality of the recording, and feel so grateful to have received such a wonderful gift!!

We had our district meeting via Skype this week.  Technology is great and can make things fast and convenient.  Partway through, some of the elders seemed to disengage...so being "Captain Hunt" I stopped the meeting for a bit, asked them some "fun" questions, and after a few minutes everyone was laughing and paying attention.  Amazing what a little humor can do!

Too bad a little humor didn't help when we were out contacting one evening!!  I turned around from a door to walk down the porch stairs and I lost my footing.  I about ate it pretty dang hard down the steps.  My knee felt like it was going to snap!!  The rest of the night I had a headache, too!!  Good thing I know how to keep a positive attitude!!!

  One evening we called on a contact that was a referral we had been given earlier.  She wasn't interested, but she had two friends over that were.  We taught Jordan and Brady for about an hour.  As we taught them, lots of people were going in and out of the apartment house where we were teaching.  By the end, there were about ten other people listening in on the side of our lesson.  It was pretty cool!

Mike, our investigator, is doing so well.  Every time I see him, he has more light in his eyes, he's more positive and his faith is really growing.  We discussed baptism and confirmation today, and moved his baptism date to September 14th.  He's pretty excited and really looking forward to it.

There were a couple of days this week that things fell through, plans changed, lots of different things...and coupled with the rain, they just weren't the greatest of days.  But the positive in spite of all the things that were disappointments, frustrations, irritations, etc., is that the church is true, and Christ made it possible for all of us to return and experience complete joy.

I'm approaching the "one year" mark of my mission and I feel like I've learned so much, yet still have so much more to learn.  It's like I live a double-life:  My life out here on the mission, with all the people, experiences, and memories I'm making.  Then, my "normal" life back home, which is getting harder and harder to remember.  It's an odd feeling.

We met a Muslim couple this week.  We actually sat on their porch and talked for a good hour about Islam and Mormon.  There are so many similarities, it's incredible.  But the main difference is they don't believe Jesus Christ is our Savior.  But they were such great people and he actually gave me a really nice copy of the Quran.

Saturday night was a bit of a sleepless night, because it was Elder Edmond's birthday on Sunday, and I wanted him to have a good day, so after he was asleep, I made a treasure hunt, a birthday sign, and got things ready for breakfast in the morning.  I woke up early Sunday morning to make a delicious breakfast, and had it all ready by the time he woke up.  It was eggs, hash browns, coffeecake, bacon and juice.  And Elder Edmond was really surprised at the treasure hunt.  Pretty fun!!

Our Sunday meetings were really good.  Janice gave her first talk ever in Sacrament meeting.  She did such a good job and I was like a proud parent watching his daughter say her first words!  Mike was there, too, and was looking even more glowing.  The gospel is definitely making huge changes in his life!
After our Sacrament meeting was over, I put together an impromptu Gospel Principles class and taught nine people about God's plan and His love for each of us.  I was glad it went really well, especially since there was an excommunicated member and her non-member husband attending.  I sure love this Houlton Branch.  And I think the key to any real missionary work success is through working arm-in-arm with the members.

And, of course, there's the fun times too!  We went to the Side's to celebrate Amanda's birthday, as well as Elder Edmond's.  We had a BBQ and Chris had his sweet "side-by-side off-roader there!!

That about does it for this week!!

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRANDON...on a very memorable day of the year!!!

Elder Hunt

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