Tuesday, August 27, 2013

TRANSFER WEEK...for Elder Edmond.

Dear Family,
Well, it was Transfer Time this week, so Elder Edmond and I had a lot to get done.  On Monday we were getting some groceries and a car pulled up by us.  It was Donna, the niece of a lady in our branch.  Long story short,  Donna and her husband want us to come over and teach them the Gospel!  It was a pretty cool thing and I’m excited about this.  Too bad Elder Edmond is going to miss out!
We also found out that Ben and Molly are getting married at the end of the year.  They have a ring and everything, which is a great step for them.

After our district meeting via Skype on Tuesday, we went and hauled a bunch of wood for the Sides.  I was up in the trailer stacking the so the others could grab it, which meant I was crouched / bent over for nearly 3 hours.  My back is just “a little” sore.

At least we had a blast doing it!  We were belting out songs the whole time we worked and it was a really neat experience.  

Started out with stuff like Bohemian Rhapsody, and ended up with Primary Songs and hymns.  It was a neat experience to see a bunch of men work so hard, enjoy their work, and bring the Spirit to that work by singing…all at the same time.  Elder Edmond and I enjoyed that last evening of work together.  He’ll do a great job in Newfoundland.

Wednesday was devoted to seeing Elder Edmond off (we drove to Fredericton), then I worked with the Fredericton elders while waiting for Elder Skinner (my new companion) to get in later that evening.  We spent the night there, then headed to Houlton the next day.
Elder Skinner and I went with Bro. Robertson to visit Mike.  It was his 54th birthday and I had made some chocolate cupcakes as a surprise for him.  We snuck them in without him seeing, then, after a really interesting/fun lesson on the Law of Chastity, I snuck into the kitchen, put a candle in one cupcake, lit it, then walked out singing “Happy Birthday.”   Mike’s face just lit up and he was so happy.   He lives all alone in the middle of nowhere, so I knew we needed to do something special for him.  And we enjoyed eating the cupcakes together.
Oh, and Elder Skinner and I just mesh really well together with our teaching styles.  It is really fun to teach with him.
On Friday we helped the Street family move.  We worked really hard packing up their entire house into a moving truck in four hours.  I was the “packing manager” and directed the placing of everything.  It was like playing a giant game of Tetris, getting everything to fit just right.
Mom, I did the Medicine Wheel with a man in our branch and he really liked it.  He even kept his paper so he could study it and improve.  
Elder Skinner talks much more than Elder Edmond and it’s really fun planning together.  We’ve come up with some ideas for our area, like a sports night that some guys our age are pretty interested in.  We’ll be starting that next week… (I hope Elder Hunt is VERY careful with his knee!!)
Elder Skinner was going to University of Wyoming and is a collegiate high jumper.  He’s jumped 7’1”…that’s crazy!!  We both are really sore from all the service work we’ve been doing, and we both feel out of shape.  We have fun together since we both love sports.   AND Elder Skinner teaches me French as we walk around since he was called out here as a French missionary.  That’s been fun too!
Sunday meetings were so good.  We had four men get up and bear very strong testimonies about missionary work, and the need for all of us to be willing to share the gospel.  It was really good.  This Branch is really getting a fire kindled under it and being involved in the missionary work going on here.  It’s exciting!  We even sat down and created a daily study schedule for the branch members.  I love this Branch and feel like thae work is going to explode (that’s a good thing!) in this area!!
I hope you all are doing good.  I'm getting a few puzzles added to my wall.  It’s been fun to do.  I’ll be sure to send pictures of Elder Skinner next week.  I just couldn't take any in the library like you wanted me to, Mom.  J
Give all my nieces and nephews hugs and kisses for me, and tell them that Uncle Dallin (Elder Hunt) says “hello from Maine!!”  I love you all so much.

Elder Hunt

A few more pics from Elder Hunt...

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