Monday, March 17, 2014


Dear Family,
Last Monday was the first time in about a year that I was able to have some free time to do anything!!  So Elder Skinner and I went to some stores to look at all of the wonderful things we can't buy right now...and it was actually a lot of fun!
This week we did exchanges with Elders Hatch and Jensen...talked with a LOT of people and got some great potentials.  So many good things are happening in our area!
We have picked up some really good investigators and Winter Storm VOKAS rolled in.  Dumped some  snow on us!  (The more the better, right?  More service to be given!)  But the wind and cold were something else!

On Friday we shoveled out the church parking lot, to get ready for the big concert that night.  

I was the "official photographer" and got to take all kinds of pictures.  The concert was a HUGE success and we had about 150 people there.  The music was incredible, but I wish I could still be performing with them...I miss that!

Saturday was Elder Skinner's birthday, so I woke up early to make a Hunt traditional birthday coffee cake.  At the end of the day we went to Montana's to celebrate E. Skinner's birthday.  He got "endless ribs" so I kept taunting him to eat more and more.  Well, about 60 ribs later he called it quits.  I also let the waiter know it was his birthday, so they all came out clapping, singing and they made him wear an old viking hat.  Pretty funny!

On Sunday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!) I played the piano for church.  I enjoy being able to play hymns and accompany, although it's not my strong suit.  I definitely do better in performing myself, but I know I'll be accompanying  lot in the future, so I need to work on that more.
We got to sit with the Primary kids and watch a video, with popcorn, while the Relief Society sisters had a big joint meeting.  It was great!

With it being mom's birthday yesterday, I really wish I could've been there to celebrate.  You're the best mom anyone could have and I'm so lucky to have been given you for my mom.

Elder Hunt

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