Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Viral Video and More...

Dear Family
We had a great leadership meeting last Monday and I'm really looking forward to working with the district leaders and STL's in our zone.  Later in the day we did some grocery shopping at Costco because Sis. Hendrickson has a Costco card and took us.  It was great to get some decent shopping done!
On Tuesday we had Zone Conference and I was asked to conduct it, which I really enjoyed doing.

During our lunch break, E. Skinner and I competed against the other zone leaders in the 5BX challenge while everyone else ate lunch.  I finished the challenge in 5:32 and got first place.  E. Skinner was done in 5:57.  The other two zone leaders finished a couple of minutes later.  That was great, even though we were dead tired after!  When we resumed the conference, Elder Nzojibwami gave a great talk on prayer, and Elder Prince gave a great talk on motivation.  After they spoke Elder Call (former BYU-I Music Dept. Head) and I played a violin duet, "Be Still My Soul."  It went really well, and really brought the spirit to our meeting.  Some incredibly spiritual things took place in that meeting!
E. Nzojibwami and E. Hunt - Brothers from different mothers

Later in the week we met a man while doing some street singing.  He asked if we were "classic LDS missionaries."  Turns out he had spent 6 months in Rexburg, Idaho, was taking the discussions there and was close to being baptized, but then moved back here.  The short version is he's ready to be baptized!

Now, I have to tell you what happened on Thursday.  We had been doing some contacting, had a great lesson with a less-active member.  E. Skinner and I really wanted to find a new investigator, so we went out knocking...no success on the street we planned, so we followed the Spirit and walked to a different street.  we almost left when we had little success, but decided to knock a few more times.  Well, a lady answered the door and invited us right in.  We taught her the restoration and had a good lesson...and now she's a new investigator!!

THEN, when we got in for the night and we checked the mail...there was a letter from London, England for me.  More specifically, it was a letter from the Senior researcher for the Discovery Channel, asking permission to use the video that went viral (of me knocking myself out for my knee surgery a couple of years ago) as part of a documentary they are making on the chemistry of the body and how anesthesia affects it.  That was pretty cool!!  VIDEO LINK

Saturday we went street contacting downtown and we talked to quite a few people!!  It was nice because it warmed up to 5 degrees today!!  It was a perfect contacting day and we got some good potentials!
Oh, and can I just say that missionaries know the WORST day of the year is.....spring daylight savings time...when we lose an hour of sleep!!!  Worst thing, ever!  *_*
And then there was Sunday...I played a violin solo of Be Still My Soul with Sister Hendrickson accompanying...but it was a bit of a Gong Show!  After I had run through the piece before the meeting started, I completely loosened my bow with the intent of tightening before I played.  Well, I totally forgot when it was time to perform, so I began to play and very quickly realized my mistake!!  BUT there was nowhere with a break for me to tighten it for the first page!  UGH!  I basically played on wood with a couple of loose horse hairs for the entire first page.  The Lord somehow helped me, because it all sounded perfectly fine, too.  So, the piece went very well and I was pleased.  Whew!!
Sure do love you all!  Make sure Harrison knows I think about him a lot and have tried to email him...but I never hear from him!  Soooo, let him know for me!

Elder Hunt

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