Monday, March 24, 2014


Dear Family,
Last Monday when we were emailing from the middle school, there was a fire we all had to go outside and stand in the bitter, windy cold.  Not fun...but we finally made it back inside and finished.  The rest of pday E. Skinner and I played some good basketball.  It was great!  In the evening we had dinner at the Ray's and they gave us some food to take home, too. Every time, without fail, that I pay my fast offerings, I am provided for in some way or other.  It's pretty incredible!

Tuesday evening we were out contacting and met a few really great people.  One married couple we taught basically begged us to have a Book of Mormon to read.  We were happy to give it to him!                 
On Wednesday we were clearing out a lot of our old contacts on our phone by sending a mass text asking how things are going.  Well now we have a phone flooded with messages and we're finding some people who have slipped through the cracks.  One gal I had actually met seven months ago but I hadn't heard any more about her.  She remembered who I was and the timing couldn't have been more perfect.  Someone close to her passed away, and she has a lot of  questions and wants to meet with us.  Hooray!

Thursday we had exchanges with the Elders in Woodstock.  It stormed on us all day and we got another foot of snow.  We met a lot of good people and set up loads of lessons.  It's pretty great to work so hard and have people wanting to hear about the gospel!
On Friday we had our Skype interviews with President Leavitt.  I always enjoy talking with him.  He has taught me so much, both spiritually and in everyday life things.  We also had a tech-missionary conference call, discussing different things and that went well.  We had lunch and correlation at the Hendrickson's apt. and I made homemade tortillas for tacos.  I love serving with the missionaries in this area.  We always have such a great time together! 
Saturday we helped a non-member move into a new place.  It took much longer than expected and really killed my back, which has been giving me trouble this past week.  The rest of the day was full of contacting and we got another snowstorm out of nowhere!  It was a Nor'easter, and winter just doesn't want to let go this year!

Sunday was amazing.  We had some really great talks and we had TEN non-members there!!  Two of them just walked in randomly half-way through the meetings.  There were from West Africe and only spoke French.  They are on their way to Moncton, so we'll be passing their information on to the missionaries there.  Elder Skinner and I got to do some acting in Primary.  I got to be Joseph Smith and describe the First Vision.  The kids were so cute and had some great questions!!

I love you all!  Hope your arm feels better, Mom!
Elder Hunt

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